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Episode 100! With Beacon High School principal Corey Dwyer

Photo Credit: Michael Isabell

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NOTE: Incredibly, Beaconites has been hanging in there for 100 episodes. Our deepest thanks to all the listeners, guests and other supporters who have helped us reach this milestone.

Our guest this week is Beacon high school principal Corey Dwyer, who has just started his second full school year in the role. Corey attended BHS himself and has an interesting story to tell about his journey as an educator and administrator. In this interview he talks about many facets of the high school experience – including academics, clubs & extra-curriculars, mental health support, college advisory services and more.

Corey has a hearing impairment and has worn hearing aids most of his life, and is especially attuned to students who may face physical and other challenges as they try to learn, make friends and speak up for themselves in a big school of 850 students.

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