A podcast from Beacon, NY

Soon Is Now, with Eve Morgenstern and Gary Hilderbrand

Photo Credit: Michael Isabell

Eve Morgenstern is the founder of the Soon Is Now festival, taking place Sunday, October 1 at Scenic Hudson’s Long Dock Park. Gary Hilderbrand is a renowned landscape architect and founding partner of Reed Hilderbrand, which oversaw the design and construction of the park.

In this episode, Gary, who grew up in Wappingers Falls and whose dad worked at the Nabisco box plant, shares memories of Beacon’s waterfront from the 1960s and 1970s. And Eve and Gary talk about how artists, landscape architects and others are responding to the environmental violence wrought by climate change.

‘For more on Soon Is Now and how to experience this immersive day of climate change and eco-themed performance and art, visit SoonIsNow.org.

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