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Episode 50: Understanding Damskammer

Photo Credit: Michael Isabell

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For this special 50th episode of Beaconites, we offer a comprehensive look at the proposal to rebuild a gas-burning power plant at the Danskammer facility across the river. Guests include Bill Reid, CEO of Danskammer Energy; Hayley Carlock, director of environmental advocacy and legal affairs at Scenic Hudson; and Emily Ellison and Harvey Weiss, two residents of the hamlet of Chelsea just north of Beacon.

The New York state siting board is preparing to host two hearings on March 31 to take public comments on the Danskammer proposal. The deadline to register for those hearings is Monday May 29 at 5pm.

To register for the public hearing on March 31, visit Webex.com, click “join meeting” and for the March 31 at 1pm, enter event #1790 928 137. To join the 6pm hearing on the same day, enter event #1799 626 013. Then enter a password (either “March31-1pm” or “March31-6pm”) depending on which session you plan to attend.

Emily Ellison

Harvey Weiss

Bill Reid, CEO, Danskammer Energy

Hayley Carlock, director of environmental advocacy and legal affairs, Scenic Hudson


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