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Meeting The Moment, With Paloma Wake

Paloma B&W

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Paloma Wake is all about civic participation. She is active with Beacon4BlackLives and Mutual Aid Beacon, and she sits on Beacon’s Human Relations Commission.

Earlier this month Wake announced her run for an at-large seat on the city council, and she’s been endorsed by the Beacon Democrats and Working Families Party.

In this episode she talks about her life, work and ideas for Beacon.

“I have structured my life to be able to live my values. I have always worked for non-profits,” she says. “Perhaps this is very millennial of me but I’ve been freelance for a lot of my adult life. This has allowed me to move my obligations around, to be able to meet the moment when I feel like I’m being called to do so.”

Wake was laid off from her primary job a year ago, and has spent much of the past year unemployed. “I knew that the country was in crisis, I had time on my hands and that’s how I became involved in Mutual Aid.”

Paloma believes Beacon can do more to meet residents’ basic needs, including access to community resources, broadband and of course housing.

“What is considered ‘affordable housing’ by law is not in practice particularly affordable for most people who live here or have lived here for a while,” she says. “The housing market here is rough and it’s important that we get really creative about how we make people feel safe and secure here.”

Connect with Paloma:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/paloma4beacon

Facebook: www.facebook.com/paloma4beacon

Contact: hello@paloma4beacon.com

Paloma Wake

Paloma Wake

Paloma Wake B&W

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