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Scenic Hudson President Ned Sullivan

Ned Sullivan, Scenic Hudson
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Scenic Hudson has protected huge swaths of land in and around Beacon. There’s Mount Beacon, Fishkill Ridge, Madam Brett Park and of course Long Dock Park. In this episode, President Ned Sullivan discusses the legendary environmental group’s mission, its operating model and priorities for 2021 and beyond.

“We are very strategic in how we make decisions about land we’re going to protect and what battles we take on to prevent bad things from happening that would damage the beauty of the area and also the economy,” he says. “We’re constantly working for win-win outcomes. We’re not just against something. We always try to have something we’re for. We have different models we use that help us identify the lands that matter most. Areas that have biodiversity, areas that would enable people to get down to the riverfront and…turn places into magnificent parks.”

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