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Homespun Foods Owner Joe Robitaille

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Joe Robitaille bought Homespun from previous owner Jess Reisman in late fall 2019, a few months before the pandemic overthrew his plans for the business.

“It was terrible. It was stressful. It was my first time being a small business owner, just having the courage to sign all the paperwork with Jessica and for us to go through the whole process of transitioning the whole thing was a stress in and of itself,” Joe says.

Covid forced Homespun into survival mode, but Joe has kept the doors by experimenting with new food and drink offerings.

“I don’t know exactly what we are right now. We’re operating a bit as a wine store. We serve lunch four days a week and dinner. We have take-home provisions for people, really good pastries. It’s been really hard to make the numbers work.”

In this episode he talks about the journey.

Photo credit: Homespun on Instagram

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