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Beacon’s Housing Market, With Realtor Claire Browne

Claire Browne

Gate House Realty

Image credit: Michael Isabell

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Claire Browne is a realtor with Gate House Realty who has abundant knowledge of city housing. In this episode she discusses her move to Beacon in 2001 and her transition to real estate after a first career as a counselor.

In the first wave of the Covid shutdown, Claire was unable to meet directly with prospective home buyers.

“We couldn’t meet with anybody in person,” she says. “I would go to homes and FaceTime people. Sometimes buyers would go to homes and FaceTime me. It was very strange for a profession based on relationships.”

Nevertheless people did find way to shop for and buy property in 2020, driving Beacon home values up more than 15% above 2019 prices. This, combined with sustained low interest rates, has sparked a wave of refinancing.

“A lot of people are taking out home equity, they’re refinancing,” according to Claire. “But it’s hard to find a contractor, because they’re so busy. And the materials have tripled [in cost]. I do see a lot of development, but it’s hard to do it.”

Claire is a mother who volunteers locally on behalf of kids and schools, and her love of community comes through strongly in the episode. “I am grateful for finding a second career, that I love, and one that I can promote our beautiful city. Beacon really is a special place.”

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