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Marika Blossfeldt, Health Coach And Natural Foods Chef

Image credit: Michael Isabell

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Marika Blassfeldt has written two books on nutrition that are also books about living well. Her latest book, “Cooking with Marika: Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm,” provides a framework for thinking about nutrition, gut health and healthy weight loss.

Marika’s philosophy centers on whole foods, simple recipes and a common-sense approach to eating (drink plenty of water, eat mostly vegetables, avoid processed foods).

“Nutrition is such a personal thing,” she says. “There might be all kinds of beautiful theories out there but everyone is an individual and what works for one person might not work for another.”

But she also advocates building some flexibility into your eating strategy.

“I suggest you try to eat 80% the way that works best for you,” she says. For the other 20%, she recommends, “Just let life happen, go out with friends, enjoy food that’s not on your good food list, have a glass of wine and just enjoy yourself. That kind of nourishment is just as important as the food that we eat. There’s no need to become a food fanatic or the food police. Don’t tell other people how they’re supposed to eat. That never works.”

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