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AudraSonic, With Audra Kizina and Matt Harle


If you’re looking for an antidote to the terrible coronavirus story and its related calamities, may we suggest back-paddling in the immersive soundscapes of AudraSonic?

AudraSonic is an experimental/electronic music collaboration between KidAudra (Audra Kizina) and SonicHudson (Matt Harle). Audra and Matt met through Dan Weise and the Club Draw Beacon art-making club. They both played the Club Draw Picnic and a second event at the Howland Cultural Center, before deciding to team up.

This episode of Beaconites! departs from our usual format. Prior to their podcast interview, Matt and Audra performed an in-studio set for 15 minutes. Owing to some production hiccups, it took about an hour or so to configure gear for this recording session, but the results are easily worth the trouble.

Their performance and interview can be heard below or wherever you get podcasts.


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