A podcast from Beacon, NY

Building a climate movement in Beacon, with Thomas Wright and Erin Ashoka

Photo Credit: Michael Isabell

In March, Beacon’s city council passed an electrification law that will eliminate the use of gas hookups in new construction. Thomas Wright and Erin Ashoka, two founders of Beacon Climate Action Now, discuss how this legislation came to pass and what it will mean for the city. They also share BCAN’s mission and talk about which sustainability issues theroup plans to tackle next.

After recording this interview, NY state passed similar legislation taking effect in 2026 so this interview offers a nice overview not only for what the law means for Beaconites but also for residents across the state.

Learn more about electrification at RewiringAmerica.org.

Want to get involved with BCAN? Visit their website at beaconcan.org and follow them on Instagram at @beacon.can.


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