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Acting Local, With Guy Felixbrodt

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Guy Felixbrodt is dedicated to improving Beacon – and the world – through large and small acts of volunteerism.

In this episode, he describes his journey from Haifa, Israel to the Hudson Valley and his work with young people as executive director of J-Teen Leadership. And he talks about some local causes anyone can support through simple donations of time, from cleaning up Fishkill Creek to volunteering with the Animal Rescue Foundation.

“Whether you’re old Beacon or new Beacon, that creek is older than you are,” he says. “I try to volunteer or to do things for the voiceless. The trees, the fish, the birds, the dogs, the planet, you know? We are co-inhabitants. We’re not the masters of this place. That perception of mastery over this place has messed up so many things.”

This episode is scattered with kernels of surprising humor and insight, revealing Guy to be a philosopher and performance artist at least as much as he is a do-gooder. He’s always going for the smile, for instance by wearing costumes during run-for-charity races (which he calls “tri-cha-thlons”) or walking his dog barefoot to discharge electricity from his body. (“Everyone already thinks I’m crazy anyway.”)

And he is big on random acts of kindness – simply writing a letter to an old friend or doing something surprising for your spouse or kids – for no other reason than to generate a moment of delight.


Images courtesy of Guy’s Instagram account, TheBodyMC.

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