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Storytelling, With Drew Prochaska and John Blesso

Image credit: Michael Isabell

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Seven months into the shutdown, live performances are coming back. Tonight (Sept 12), The Artichoke storytelling series will put on its first live show at the Howland Cultural Center since the pandemic ended all in-person events.

Organizers Drew Prochaska and John Blesso come on the podcast to describe their addiction to storytelling, their desperate efforts to continue performing during the pandemic and the plan for live performance.

After months of Zoom storytelling, “I don’t care if I ever perform in front of a laptop ever again,” Prochaska says. And he’s not the only one. “When we decided to do this show at the Howland again, some of the top people I asked jumped at the opportunity.”

“All of us are going to love the audience more than we ever imagine,” Blesso adds. “A big part of our lives has been missing. We want to do our part in taking the first step

Drew is a two-time winner of the Moth Radio Hour StorySlam and has been on a bunch of storytelling podcasts including “Risk” and “Story Collider.” John Blesso is a writer as well as the founder of Adult Stories – a storytelling series in Beacon that launched in January 2019, about the same time as Artichoke. The two have since joined forces.

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