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Kalene Rivers And Dan Weise

Dan Weise and Kalene Rivers

Think of a public art project in Beacon over the last 10 years and there’s a decent chance Dan Weise and/or Kalene Rivers had a hand in it. Their undertakings have included the Electric Windows street art project, the “Welcome to Beacon” sign, Club Draw and the (late, great) Open Space gallery on East Main, to name a few.

During Covid19 they are working on a project called WearTogether which pairs artists with local businesses to create t-shirt designs.

In this episode they talk about life, family and making stuff.

In the case of Electric Windows, Dan says the looming presence of 1 E. Main across the street from Open Space, with its huge boarded-up windows, presented an irresistible canvas. “When we saw that building [with] these massive warehouse windows, we could picture those windows filled with massive paintings.”

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