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Coworking, With Beahive Founder Scott Tillitt

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Image credit: Michael Isabell

Scott Tillitt is the founder of Beahive, a network of coworking spaces in the Hudson Valley. He opened his Beacon flagship in 2009 at the Telephone Building on Main Street and expanded to Albany in 2012. Now he’s building out spaces in Newburgh and Poughkeepsie. Those openings have been delayed, but not derailed, by the coronavirus pandemic.

As Scott discusses in this episode, the co-working phenomenon has been propelled in recent years by the skyrocketing valuation of WeWork, and has lately been dragged down by that company’s scandals and mismanagement.

“From the beginning I’ve called WeWork the Starbucks of coworking, and I’m like the Big Mouth or Bank Square of coworking,” he says. “There’s always going to be the corporatized coworking spaces, just as there’s always Starbucks, and there’s always going to be the local independent.”


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