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Coronavirus And Purple Socks, With Sergio Perez

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In 23 years of teaching, Sergio Perez has never been as sick as he was after getting Covid. He struggled with extreme fatigue and a violent headache that dragged on for days (“almost like a concussion”).

“I normally don’t call out sick for anything except when my kids are sick,” he says. “I was feeling really ill and really uncomfortable.”

Sergio is an art teacher, visual artist, drummer and father to two young kids. This week on the podcast, he talks about enduring the illness, teaching high school students during quarantine and the consolations of family life.

“My daughter was mad at me because I didn’t have purple socks for her ready, but I really enjoy having this time with them,” he says.

Serge and his wife Lauren maintain a careful schedule for their two young kids. They are relying on elementary school educators to create a learning structure. “I’m super appreciative of my kids’ teachers, being in touch and providing materials that we can work from,” he says.

Once Covid settles down, Sergio is eager to get back in the classroom.

“I love teaching. It is my passion,” he says. “I really thrive being in person and building relationships with each and every class. That has always brought a richness to my life and my own practice.”

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