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Mayor Lee Kyriacou

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Photos by Michael Isabell and Milo Isabell

How is the city’s new mayor responding to the Covid 19 crisis?

Lee Kyriacou has lived in Beacon almost 30 years and served nine terms on the city council. He started his first term as mayor in January, just before the coronavirus outbreak brought one of the greatest challenges the city has faced in recent memory.

In this episode he talks about what’s happening in the city as the pandemic grinds on, including the shuttering of most businesses, the closure of the parking lot at Mount Beacon Park and the humanitarian response as people reach out to care for those most severely affected by the pandemic.

On the impact for business, he asks Beaconites to rally behind the bars, restaurants and shops that have been forced to close this spring.

“When things lift I tell you we all ought to be buying on Main Street,” he says. “I know we’re all Amazon junkies, but I think we really need to focus here and help our neighbors and our businesses to come back.”

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