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Episode 8: Destination Beacon, With Donna Haynes

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Photos by Michael Isabell

Donna Haynes is a longtime resident who, along with her husband Jeff, has raised three kids in Beacon. She works for Metro-North in a tourism role.

“I like to say I’m on the feel-good side of Metro-North. Everybody knows it as the daily grind for commuters,” Donna says in our latest episode. “I get to turn people on to all the amazing places that you can get to by taking Metro-North.”

In this episode she talks about the steady stream of day trippers, hikers, hipsters and even international tourists who fuel Beacon’s economy. And she rattles off many of the most popular draws: Storm King Art Center, Break Neck Ridge, Dia:Beacon and other spots.

According to Donna, Beacon has become one of the most popular destinations across the entire region served by Metro-North. Between Dia, Long Dock Park, Main Street and the Mt. Beacon trail, she says, “Beacon’s an easy sell.”

In this episode: Metro North’s partner program. Raising kids in Beacon. Donna’s favorite day trips.

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2 Responses to “Episode 8: Destination Beacon, With Donna Haynes”

    • Madame Pâte à Glacer

      Greatly informative interview with Donna Haynes from the MTA about the multitude of destination spots in the Hudson Valley, especially the Beacon area. As long as one can live in an area there is always something new to discover and even rediscovering past destinations can be tremendous fun!


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