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Episode 3: Jean-Marc Superville Sovak (With Reading List)

Jean-Marc Supervllle Sovak is a Beacon-based artist whose work uniquely expresses the history of the Hudson Valley, including its industrial legacy and its art. He is also an art educator and a guide at Dia:Beacon.

There’s a reading list to go with this episode, as Jean-Marc references a number of texts relating to his work with bricks, his commentary on The Hudson River School and the art of Robert Smithson.

“The Great Hudson River Brick Industry” by J.V. Hutton
“Slavery in Massachussets” by Henry David Thoreau
“Entropy and the New Monuments” by Robert Smithson

In this interview, he talks about the manufacturing-based economy of the 19th and early 20th century and his most recent body of work, called “a-Historical Landscapes,” which reconsiders and modifies paintings from the Hudson River School of landscape art that defined that movement. He also describes his “I Draw & You Talk” project, consisting of 109 portraits of Beacon residents. 

You can check out more of Jean-Marc Superville Sovak’s work at his website.

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  1. Judy S Rodgers

    What a thoughtful guy…I love the way he explains art..his art…and institutions like DIA. nice episode!


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